Wedding Money Saving Tips – Alternatives to Wedding Flowers

Alternatives to Wedding Flowers


Weddings can be expensive affairs, but one of the most effective ways to do so is to skip the flowers. Sure, a wedding without flowers sounds sacrilegious! But there are several reasons why a bloom-free wedding will save you lots of cash!

Brides Magazine published an article at the end of 2015 that suggested the average prices of wedding flowers in the UK is just under £650.  If you are looking to keep the cost of your big day from spiralling then look for alternatives to the traditional requirements - in this article I'll be considering flowers.

Traditionally flowers can be used to decorate and theme the wedding day in the following way:

  • Brides Bouquet
  • Buttonholes
  • Decorating the Ceremony Venue
  • Decorating the Reception Venue
  • Table Centrepieces

You may want to use flowers for some of these aspects still - a bridal bouquet often looks stunning and really adds something special to the photographs - however, there are plenty of alternatives to flowers that can be applied to each of these stages and it is possible for individuals to create gorgeous items, centrepieces and decorations without floral arrangements and without spending a great deal of money.

Use Mother Nature!

Getting married and / or having a reception at a park, botanical garden, or other outdoor locale is one way to enjoy the beauty of natural flowers and greenery without having to pay additional costs for them.

Alternative Centrepieces

Another cost-cutting strategy is to create or buy centerpieces made from other materials, such as paper flowers, candles and even fruit. Non-floral centerpieces is becoming much more popular and chic.

Lighting and candles can dramatically alter the look and feel of a room and best of all, both make for inexpensive decorations. It is possible to pick up lots of great candles for very little at craft stores (we got hundreds for our wedding from IKEA for a very reasonable price!).

For more upscale lighting, try lanterns. These instantly add a touch of elegance to either the ceremony or reception. Lanterns also look terrific as centerpieces, for the fraction of the price of floral centerpieces.

Plants and Greenery

Want greenery but don’t want flowers? Large plants are great for decorating both the ceremony and reception and because they take up a lot of space, it is possible to get by with fewer of them. Also, you can often rent them for the day of the event, rather than purchasing them outright.

Fantastic Fabrics

A smart use of fabrics and natural materials such as stones as decorations is lovely as well. Tables topped with rich, decorative linens in a variety of textures and colors, coupled with centerpieces made of stones, pebbles, pine cones and even leaves, could look beautiful. Couples who love spending time outdoors and who enjoy nature might find that the aforementioned fits who they are and thus makes for a great centerpiece.

Choosing to forgo the flowers can keep your cash in the bank. The alternatives are great and in many cases allow the couple to showcase their true personalities and creative side rather than just going with the traditional convention.

Let me know what you think using the comment box below - I'd love to hear your ideas for alternatives to flowers!

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